TheraHome Neck Massager

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On-The-Go Massager For Neck Pain Relief & Relaxation In Just 10 Minutes

A sleek, portable & ergonomic massager that lets you offer soothing relief from stiff & sore neck muscles anytime, anywhere!

  • list img Soothing Heat Therapy Technology
  • list img Stimulates 5 Adjustable Massage Modes
  • list img Boosts Blood Circulation To Relieve & Relax
  • list img Waterproof, Lightweight & Travel-Friendly

Intelligent Features
The Last Massager
You'll Ever Need

Discover wide-range of features that make the TheraHome Neck Massager function right out of the box with zero effort to help melt your stress & pain away instantly.

Choose Your Pressure
With 16 Intensity Levels

Just like you tell your masseuse at the spa about your pressure preference, similarly you can select from 16 intensity levels depending on your relief needs & comfort.

Ergonomic Design
One Size Fits All

The skin-friendly material and advanced technology make the TheraHome Neck Massager uber comfortable. The expandable design fits all neck sizes, making it perfect for you & your family.

Get Complete Control
With 5 Massage Modes

Get Complete Control With 5 Massage Modes The TheraHome Neck Massagers delivers 5 types of human massage techniques – Acupuncture, Tapping, Scraping, Kneading, and a combination of all.

Enhance Your Massage
With Heat Mode

A combination of heat and massage is the ultimate way to achieve relief & relaxation. Enjoy soothing heat therapy with any of your favorite massage modes.


Additional Features

  • Lightweigh
    Lightweight & Portable
  • Waterproof
    Waterproof & Travel Friendly
  • Fast Charging
    Fast Charging & Long Battery Life

What's Inside & Outside The Tech Specs

The TheraHome Neck Massager offers complete relief & relaxation combined with soothing heat therapy.

  • Intellegent 3D Floating
    Suspension Electrodes

  • Skin-Friendly Neck
    Protection Material

  • Increase or Decrease
    Level Intensity

  • Silicone Base Makes Electrodes
    Floating at 360 Degrees

  • Ergonomic U-Shape Design Fit
    any Size of American’s Neck

  • Push Buttons for Power,
    Mode and Heat

Frequently Asked Questions We Have All The Answers

The 5 massage pulse modes include:
-Combination of all the above

We categorize the levels of intensity into three:
Comfortable and soothing neck relaxation
Moderate for relieving tightness and soreness
Deep tissue massage therapy

The TheraHome Neck Massager is equipped with a powerful 1200mAh lithium battery. A fully charged battery can last longer than 7 days, with 15-minute daily massages. There is a timer built in which will automatically stop massage at 15 minutes. Simply restart your massage session if a longer duration is desired.

Soothing heat and massage is a great combo.
Heating temperature between 100-108 degrees F.

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